Motorcycle Insurance Policies

In the United States, driving an uninsured vehicle is a violation that can result in fines or even prison time. In fact, uninsured motorists may also have their licenses revoked when pulled over by the police. Of course, riding without motorcycle insurance can hurt far worse than this.

As with any other policy, you may always call your insurance agent to discuss any information required before getting your first motorcycle insurance policy. Before making that call, it helps to know your basic options. Although the state you live in will determine the minimum insurance you must legally have, you can include higher limits or purchase additional coverage options that fit your lifestyle.

As with car insurance, liability coverage is required. However, optional coverages that you might be interested in adding to your policy include comprehensive coverage, underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage and collision insurance. The following is a quick rundown of each coverage option available to help you make an informed decision with your insurance agent.

Liability Insurance:

This mandatory insurance will cover injuries or damage caused to people to property in the event of an accident for which you are deemed at-fault. However, this policy alone will not cover you, nor will it cover your motorcycle.

Comprehensive Insurance:

This type of coverage will protect your motorcycle from damages unrelated to road collisions, such as theft, fire and an act of vandalism.

Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage:

By purchasing this coverage, you receive protection if you get into an accident another driver causes, even if the other driver has insufficient insurance or no insurance at all. If you elect to add this to your policy, you can receive help paying for lost wages, medical treatment and any other damages either you or your passengers have suffered. With uninsured motorist property damage coverage, your motorcycle is also protected under these circumstances.

Collision Insurance:

Finally, you may add collision insurance to your policy to include coverage for your actual motorcycle if liability insurance seems too little for comfort. This insurance pays to repair your motorcycle after the deductible, even if you were deemed at-fault.

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